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Changsha motor factory co., LTD

         The company is located in changsha city of hunan province, as economic development zone,Cover an area of an area21Million square meters,Employees500Many people。It happened60Years of motor manufacturing history,Is the national production of large-scale backbone enterprises of the motor、China500One of the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises,Vice President of the national association of small and medium-sized motor industry unit and management of the minister。Experienced years of development,Enterprises are actively adapt to the modern enterprise management mode,To flatter、The organization form of high efficiency,The motor has long now2A functional departments、7Subsidiaries,True science、Efficient management of the organization evolution,Laid a solid foundation for company development。 More and more>>

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  • 《Who do you work for》Journal entry——Regard work as a part of life

      Magic training after come back picked up the book and read it again,Feeling don't experience something different,Let me see not working,But a life!  Work is the value of life、The place of joy and happiness,When we regarded work as a kind of happiness,Life has become better;When we see things as a burden,Life becomes a slave。Some say this is self-deception,It's not,But look at different point of view。  Work in order to who,That you work hard in order to who?Who will be willing to pay for the boss give everything for free?Anything is a two-way street,Double surplus situation is that we want to meet with my boss,And better implement this...

  • Who do you work for

      2010Years7Month,I stepped out of the campus,On the first job of life,In a very like their career——HR。At first,I am used to with the eye of an outsider to see anything in the work,See people coming and going,Look at elder people how to deal with the problem,See the value of human resources work across the entire enterprise,Little by little,I am into the collective,Into working state,And human resource management as his lifetime career。I work steadfast,With full enthusiasm into work、In life。Have more than one person asked me:“As a famous universities...

  • Changsha energy administration to investigate my company status of nuclear power

    In order to speed up the development of new energy industry in our city,2Month23On the afternoon4At the right time,The energy bureau party secretary、Director Samuel, the morning line2People come to my company inspection status of nuclear power,The meeting in the office on the third floor conference room。Leadership has to attend the meeting:The chairman Mr. Tang、The general manager HongYi peak、The director Luo Chengguang、The chief engineer zhi-bin xiong。At the meeting,Hong, general manager reporting to me the progress of nuclear machinery company,Request to get superior leadership close attention and support,And sincerely hope to get help and the guidance of the departments of the government policy support。Samuel, the secretary said at the meeting,Our company develop nuclear machinery...